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Together we make a difference! 

Read more about our progress and projects! 
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Since 2008 we have been working to create a better situation for vulnerable children and families in Ghana.

We work mainly on fundraising to improve the lives of the most vulnerable people in Ghana.

Make a Difference is a non-political nor religious based foundation which, together with a board of directors from various sectors of the community, work non-profit with the aim to create long-term improvements regarding the living situation for children and families in need. 

Over the years we have established a strong collaboration with the social services and locals on site that help us take care of orphaned and abandoned children. By enabling a safe upbringing environment for more children and provide support to socially vulnerable families, we can avoid more children to be abandoned.

All contributions and donations go unabbreviated to the work on site in Ghana 

The foundations work is run by support from our monthly donors and partners. In addition to donations, we also sell gift cards - a donation that makes a difference directly to the families in need. 

Our Projects 

Family center in Bobikuma

In the spring of 2014, the organisation decided to start a new project from the ground up. After extensive research of different areas, we found the village of Bobikuma located in the south of Ghana and decided to buy land in the area. The new initiative will serve as a support for the people in the village and as a education center for vulnerable families. Sustainability is our goal of this project and it is something we strive for in both the construction process and the planned operations. '

Orphanage in Nyamekye, Akwakwaa

Over the years we have worked to improve the living situation of children at the orphanage in the village of Akwakwaa. In Akwakwaa and the orphanage we have done bits and bobs such as run a school for 175 students, drilled a water well, built toilets, provided the orphanage with staff, food, medicines, and other necessities to give the children a safe and loving upbringing. Over time, we have directed our efforts towards family support and invested a great deal in education, something we see as a decisive factor for long-term and a sustainable change.


On our owned land in Bobikuma we grow corn, chili, casava and plantain. The harvest is distributed to the families in need and the harvesting is paid to people who in turn also can provide for their families. In the long term, the farm will contribute to self-sustaining the family center and for them to be part of that activity.


We strongly believe that education is the most important factor for a long term and sustainable improvement that directly affects the families and their living situation. The organisation supports students that are admitted to boarding school. This means that they receive full support while living at the school. During school breaks they go return to orphanages or to their families.   


The organisation have gift cards in favour of the needed families in Bobikuma. We provide four different gift cards that generate a direct as well as tangible product from donated amount. 


We provide school packages containing school uniforms, shoes and school books which are a prerequisite for children to attend school in Ghana. Solar lamps that enable families living without access to electricity to light up their homes (the lamp can also be used as a flashlight outdoors). Last but not least, chickens and goats that contribute to families' livelihoods by being an important source of protein and can be sold and strengthen the family's finances.

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The foundation Make a Difference in media

Svenska hjältar/ Swedish heros

Elina and Mikaela was nominated to the Swedish gala called "Svenska hjältar" in 2016. This gala gives special attention the nominated people that has contributed with something hero-like. 

"Many poor families in Ghana cannot afford to take care of their children and see no other way than to leave them to orphanages. Elina and Mikaela want to change that. So in 2014 they started a new project - they bought acres of land in the village of Bobikuma. In the village they have drilled in water and started growing crops, and will build a family center."

Svenska hjältar/ Swedish heroes

Elina and Mikaela nominated to "Svenska hjältar" 2009. A gala where the Swedish people nominate people that has done something hero-like. 

70 children in Ghana has already chosen their Swedish hero.

Mikaela Lindström, 20, and Elina Bergström, 19, från Sveg.

Charity auction

Elina and Mikaela arranged a charity auction in 2015 for the benefit of the organisation.


The Make a Difference foundation arranged a charity auction on a Saturday at the People's House in Sveg. It was filled with various items that were interesting to the more than 200 visitors that a total of SEK 87,000 was raised that day. 

Shipped containers

In 2011 Elina and Mikaela arranged to ship containers filled with necessities to the orphanage in Akwakwaa. 


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Travel diary from 2008

More than 10 years ago, here you can read about how it all started in 2008.


We never thought that we would make it through! Not only that, it was total chaos at the orphanage with no discipline what so ever! They pee, poop, eat and strip everywhere. Nothing has its place. But after thinking, crying and talking lots, we realized that we had to tell ourselves that we could do it!

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