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Meet our organization.

We work voluntarily and are driven to make a difference!

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Fästpunkt om oss

We founded the foundation


Mikaela Lindström & Elina Bergström


Experiences from our first trip to Ghana in 2008 form the basis for why we started the Make a Difference foundation. Because that's exactly what we want to do. We want to and we know that together we can make a big difference for many.

Our valuable board

To experience the difference and all the personal meetings with children and families in Ghana is my biggest driving force for our work. I look forward to working together to give families a more secure future by building and running the family center in Bobikuma.

Leif Lindström


Per Melander

The joy and satisfaction it gives to help children and families in Ghana is my main driving force. Our "little" project to build a family center in Ghana is also a wonderful challenge that I can not say no to. The day we inaugurate the home on site in Bobikuma will be one of the best in my life.

Holger Gunnarsson

Our fiery souls

Pär Jonsson

I work every day with project management in construction. When I am not sailing, training or inventing any other fun out in Mother Nature, I help Make a Difference with project management of the construction of the family center in Bobikuma. I came in contact with the project when I felt that with my knowledge I wanted to help in an international context. Through Engineers without Borders, I found the assignment at Make a Difference

Åsa Sundberg

The Make a Difference Foundation works with issues that engage me; children and families' right to a future. With the foundation, I can be involved and contribute to making a difference for the reality of many children and families. With communication, I help the foundation to convey why and how they choose to work to make a long-term difference for children and families in Ghana.

2016-12-07 19.52.00.jpg

Håkan Karlgren

It did not take long to decide when the Foundation asked if I wanted to help create the website. I am happy to be able to help make a difference in such a way.

Louise Hallén

I believe that everyone can make a difference, big or small. I believe that all children have the right to a safe and loving upbringing and that is exactly what the Make a Difference Foundation works for!

In addition to my studies, I help the Make a Difference Foundation to find partners, but also other ways to enable a stable, sustainable and efficient way to increase funding for our projects.

Arthur Sandels

Make a Difference is the perfect way for me to be able to apply my professional skills as an engineer to help the vulnerable outside Sweden. The organization is small and efficient, which makes the team extra personal. I found Make a Difference through Engineers Without Borders and I am grateful to be a part of making a difference.

Our team in Ghana

Jalilu "Opingo" Rahman

"Opingo" has followed our journey since 2009 and has therefore become a very good friend. He helps and supports us in everything from being an interpreter, driver to making wise decisions. Opingo has the overall responsibility in place in Ghana.

Francis is our project manager in Bobikuma. He is responsible for all donations on site and for our farm. Francis has a good knowledge of the village and helps us in many important matters concerning the construction of the family center.

Francis Abu

Ben is the project manager and is responsible for all students. He is himself a university student and a great role model and inspires our students.

Ben Rockson

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