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Our partners are the backbone of our business and account for the majority of the grants we receive.

See more about our partners below
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Together we make a difference!

Become our partner. More large contributions means a greater effort, a greater change.

Get in touch and we will tell you more.

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We are proud to present the following partners who are involved in improving the life situation for children and families

At our partners ICA, you can participate and make a difference in the stores below in the form of clicking the donate button when you deposit or buy our Make a Difference plastic bags at checkout.

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Engineers Without Borders is a non-profit, politically and religiously independent organization whose purpose is to contribute to a better world with engineering and science, entrepreneurship and project expertise. Engineers without Borders conducts volunteer projects around the world, seminars in Sweden and inspires young people to become engineers.

Härjedalen parish includes Hedebygden parish, Svegsbygden parish, Tännäs-Ljusnedal parish and Ytterhogdal, Överhogdal and Ängersjö parish.
The congregation contributes, among other things, to collections at services.

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Grönvalls Media holds various events such as performances, workshops and staff meetings for all types of companies and organizations.


Henric Wangel Design designs products with a creative, strategic and functional graphic design. Henric helps Make a Difference Foundation to create graphic design for campaigns, digital and print - from Christmas cards to Shopping bags. 

Do you and your company also need help with graphic design? Feel free to contact Henric, so he can get an insight and understanding of your graphic needs and hopefully get the confidence to help you too

Måleriexpress AB is a well-established painting company with a sense of color. Måleriexpress AB helps private individuals, companies and tenant-owner associations in Stockholm and the surrounding area. We take care of the whole. You can turn to us when it is time for a complete renovation, we plan the execution, coordinate all professional categories and leave work in new condition.

Our job is to make sure that you create profitability with the right tools, we make sure that your team succeeds in the market. With our experience, knowledge & power, we can lift your team to a higher level!

For us at ICA Supermarket, you mean everything! We work every day to make everyday life easier for you.

With a wide range, we offer food for the everyday hungry and partygoers. You as a customer are always welcome

come to us and we will help you when you shop. Can not find what you are looking for, or do you want a food tip!

Ask us! ICA Supermarket is located in 13 locations in Jämtland and you are always close to one of us.

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