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We work towards the Global Goals











No poverty

We are convinced that knowledge is crucial for long-term sustainable improvement for families' future. That is why we are now building a family center in the village of Bobikuma, Ghana. Bobikuma is surrounded by many small villages where poverty is palpable and the level of education is low. The family center will function as a support and education center for vulnerable families to improve their life situation.


The family center in the village of Bobikuma will offer emergency housing for parents and children. During their stay at the center, parents will have the opportunity to receive vocational training to enable a sustainable income and offer them support when they leave the family center. This will be in some form of employment which can provide a steady income.

We will also run a "daycare center" to take care of small children (0-6 years) while their parents work. This is primarily to create the conditions for a fair distribution of influence, resources and opportunities for all parents to influence their future, which is a step in the right direction for gender equality.

No hunger

On our land in Bobikuma we grow several crops. The harvest is distributed to needy families where the work is carried out paid to the workers, who in turn can support their families.

In the long run, the farm will contribute to the self-sufficiency of the family center. The foundation also sells gift cards for the benefit of needy Bobikuma families as an extra help.

Sustainable consumption and production

Sustainability is the main goal of the family center and should characterize the entire project, both during the construction process and in operation. That is why we work with sustainable construction methods and environmentally friendly and innovative solutions for the best possible results. It is important for us to make use of local materials and raw materials but also neglect local labor to benefit the whole community. Together with the population, we want to work towards a long-term improvement of families' life situation.

Good education for everyone

We believe in education and knowledge as the most important prerequisite for a long-term and sustainable improved future for children and families' life situation. The family center in Bobikuma is thus a starting pillar that will help where the level of education is low and poverty is evident. Primary school is free, but the family has to pay for the children's uniform, school books and fees for exams, which are expenses many families cannot afford.

We therefore collaborate with the schools in the area to support children with e.g. food, books, uniforms, shoes and the fees for examinations. We also make sure to enable extra lessons and homework help for students who need the support and motivation to cope with schooling.


Implementation and global partnership

With our commitment, we want to be involved and contribute to the implementation of Agenda 2030. We do this by gathering / mobilizing support from private individuals, partnerships and business. And by using our knowledge and experience to create long-term improvement of the life situation for needy children and families.

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